3 Storage Solutions For Your Backyard

Are you looking for a place to store all your garden tools? Maybe you need a space for all of your children’s toys and sporting equipment? Perhaps you’re simply sick of ‘things’ creating eyesores in your garden? We have the solution for you! At Steel Chief, we have three types of storage solution that can be used to store all of your outdoor odds and ends, leaving your outdoor area clean and clutter-free.

Roller door storage shed

The roller door storage shed is perfect for keeping your valuable belongings safe and secure. The shed can be placed in the tightest of spaces, with door rolling up rather than opening outwards. Available in a variety of colours, Steel Chief can custom make your roller door storage shed to ensure it suits the aesthetic of your yard. Our sheds are available in a range of sizes or we can make one to suit your specific measurements.

The best things about the roller door storage shed is the convenience and peace of mind. Simply place all of your items back in the shed after use and lock it up. You will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your items are secure, and your backyard is clean.

Above car lockers

If you have limited space in your backyard and are not willing to sacrifice valuable area for storage, consider above car lockers. This is a locker-styled storage unit that is placed on stilts and sits directly above the bonnet of your car. Typically, this area is wasted, but an above car locker is a creative solution for making the most of all available space. The lockers come with adjustable legs so they can be adapted to your car and uneven flooring.

Steel Chief can custom design an above car locker to suit your specific space and requirements. All lockers are designed to store large items, with wide doors to allow big objects to pass through. This type of storage unit is especially useful for apartment living where residents typically have limited storage and a tiny car space. These lockers typically come in a flat pack so you will be able to get them into tight spaces, including underground car parks. Steel Chief is able to assist with installation if desired.

Custom locker or shed

If neither of the above options suit your backyard or garage, consider a custom-made option. SteelChief can create a solution that will solve all your storage problems while also looking stylish. Whether you are looking for a set of trendy lockers or a unique shed for an unusual space, Steel Chief has you covered.

We are more than happy to design unique pieces that address your specific situation. Simply tell us the problem you need to resolve, and we will design a storage solution that suits your space. Our storage sheds and lockers are available in a range of colours to ensure they complement your outdoor area.

At Steel Chief, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect solution for our customers. If it is not something that we typically stock, like a unique type of storage unit or a garden shed made to specific measurements, we will create something from scratch. Contact us for a chat and we will be happy to tailor a solution specifically for you.