Bird Aviary vs Bird Cage?

Aviaries make the perfect housing for birds and are the superior option over cages. Providing a safe, healthy habitat for all types of birds, an aviary is the preferred housing option of experienced breeders. There are a range of benefits associated with aviaries, for both the birds and the owners.

Top 5 benefits of installing bird aviary

More space with an aviary

Given their fixed structure, aviaries are much larger than your standard cage. This provides more space for birds to fly and emulate a life they might have had in the wild. The large size means aviaries can house many birds, sometimes even different breeds in one, providing plenty of opportunities for socialization. Birds are healthier when they can interact with others and act as a flock as they would in a natural environment.

More natural environment for the birds

Aviaries are built outside and are therefore surrounded by natural elements that create a good habitat for birds. Sunshine is the primary benefit here, offering the birds natural light and warmth to keep them healthy. The birds are still outside and surrounded by noises that are typical of a natural, outdoor setting. Owners can contribute to this environment by adding natural elements and food options within the aviary.

Beneficial for bird breeders

A larger space also has benefits for breeders and owners. Bird owners can get lost in the tedium of caring for their birds, facing a seemingly constant roster of feeding and cleaning chores to simply keep their birds healthy. A bird aviary can help bring the enjoyment back to bird ownership. They provide an area for the owner to appreciate their birds in a nice environment. Putting a bench in the aviary encourages this further by providing a place to sit and observe the birds.

Easy to clean

The best aviaries have concrete floors that are easy to clean. Concrete prevents animals from burrowing in and out and can be cleaned easily by sweeping. For a thorough clean, owners should hose down the concrete. There are no special cleaning requirements as it is difficult to ruin concrete.

Prevent escape

All good aviaries are built with a security entrance that prevent birds from escaping. Unlike a cage that opens directly to an open area, aviaries have a safety enclosure meaning that if a bird escapes, it will be restricted to this area making it easy for owners to get it back in the main enclosure. Once all birds are safely in the main part, the door can be locked, and the owner can exit the safety entrance.

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