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Easiest DIY Shed On The Market

Easiest DIY Shed on the Market

Here at SteelChief we understand your time is valuable. That’s why our sheds are the easiest DIY products on the market. Our team assemble the shed into ready made walls and roofs, meaning you simply need to screw the corners together and fix the shed to the ground! Don’t be fooled by a shed that comes in a cardboard box. You will spend hours on end attempting to assemble a structure that is likely to be inferior in terms of strength and durability. There are a number of videos that demonstrate how easy our sheds are to install. So insist on a SteelChief shed today and spend your weekends doing the things you love!

BaseSmart Shed Technology

BaseSmart® Technology

SteelChief is always looking to improve the design and functionality of our products. That is why we developed the unique BaseSmart Technology. The L-shaped member at the base of the shed prevents the build up of unsightly debris that occurs with the traditional U-shaped channel system. The design is essentially a self flushing system that will leave your shed looking clean and help prevent the onset of premature corrosion. We are the only shed company with this unique concept and we’ve had many customers provide positive feedback on the feature.

Custom Shed Designs and Sizes

Custom Designs & Sizes

Do you have some narrow space down the side of the house that could be the perfect place for a storage shed? Or maybe it’s an odd-shaped corner in the backyard where a shed needs to follow a particular fence line? Whatever you’re dealing with, we have the solutions. SteelChief are highly experienced in designing and building sheds that customers want. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend you take a few measurements of the space and send them through for us to consider. Whatever your challenge, let us help you solve your storage solution!

Shed Installation and Concreting

Concrete & Installation

Our sheds are easy to install, but if for whatever reason, you’d like assistance, we’re here for you. For those that require additional services such as delivery to your address, installation of your product, concreting and site preparation, we can help arrange these in a number of locations. If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Ballarat, Geelong or Bendigo and want the work done for you, contact us today for a quote. Where concreting is required an obligation free site quote can be arranged. We offer a rebated concrete slab that helps minimise the amount of water ingress around the base of the shed. If you are outside of these areas then we are still likely to be able to assist with these services, so please contact us.

N4 Wind Rating For Strong Sheds

N4 Wind Rating

SteelChief sheds are designed and built to meet the superior N4 wind rating. The N stands for a ‘non-cyclonic’, or normal, region and level 4 means wind speeds up to 180km/hr. Your shed must be installed correctly on a concrete slab with all of the fixing screws in the appropriate place in order to minimize the risk of wind damage. Discuss the number of concrete clips required for your shed with our team. If you are in a particularly exposed area, we recommend upgrading your shed to a steel frame. The fully welded internal frame provides even more security against the elements.

Thicker Gauge Steel for Sheds

Thicker Steel

Our sheds are manufactured to meet Australian standards and the harsh local weather conditions. The steel we use is 0.35mm thick, which is a great deal stronger than sheds that come in a box. So insist on investing in a locally built garden shed that will go the distance. If you are looking for an even stronger cladding profile, consider the corrugated sheeting. This heavy duty steel comes in at a gauge of 0.47mm and the ribbed profile provides an even sturdier shed.

Designed and Manufactured In Australia

Australian made

All of our sheds are built right here in Ballarat, Victoria. We employ many local, skilled staff to manufacture your shed into pre-made walls and roof to ensure installation is simple at your end. When you buy from SteelChief you are supporting a local, family-run business who pride themselves on delivering a quality product to the customer. Insist on an Australian-built shed, made for Australian conditions – not something that is brought in from overseas in a cardboard box.

Designed and Manufactured In Australia

Huge Range of Options

We want to ensure you get the shed you want. This means there are a huge range of options to choose from. These include items such as windows and skylights for additional light, plenty of door options to accommodate all preferences, and shelving to raise items off the floor. Check out the comprehensive list on each product page to help you design the shed for your backyard.

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