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Gable Roof Garden Shed In Backyard

Choosing a Roof For Your Garden Shed

Your guide to the advantages and disadvantages of gable, heritage, skillion, and flat roofs for sheds When it comes to garden sheds, choosing the roof type can be a source of confusion. In this article, we break down your options. SteelChief offers four choices. These are:  Gable Heritage Skillion Flat Factors to consider when choosing […]

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Corrugated Shed with Sliding Windows

Choosing the Best Garden Shed For A Workshop

Are you the kind of person who likes woodworking, repairing your own machinery, or creating your own art? If so, you probably need a workshop. But there’s no need to sacrifice your carport, garage, or another part of your home. A garden shed in Sydney can help make the most out of your property space by […]

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Timber Garden Shed

Timber Shed or Steel Shed: Which One?

Garden sheds are often a backyard necessity. They’re a place to store all of your garden tools, a workshop where you can lose yourself in a project, or merely an escape if you need a moment of quiet. Most commonly, garden sheds are made of timber or steel. The question is, which one is right […]

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Gable Roof Garden Shed with Double Doors

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Garden Shed

A garden shed can be the perfect addition to your backyard, providing the extra space you so desperately need. The process of choosing a garden shed can be challenging and slightly overwhelming. With so many options and suppliers, where do you even start? Our simple 5 step guide provides a process for choosing the perfect garden shed […]

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Bird Aviary with Hexagonal Roof and Flight

Bird Aviary vs Bird Cage?

Aviaries make the perfect housing for birds and are the superior option over cages. Providing a safe, healthy habitat for all types of birds, an aviary is the preferred housing option of experienced breeders. There are a range of benefits associated with aviaries, for both the birds and the owners. Top 5 benefits of installing […]

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Timber Studio Retreat, Man Cave, or She Shed

Customising Your Garden Shed

You’re about to buy a new garden shed, but not quite sure how to go about choosing one, or you may not even know your options. There are several factors to consider and different possibilities depending on your wants and needs. Let’s explore these so that you may get the shed you always dreamed of or […]

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High Quality Steel Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Considerations

Rabbits are wonderful pets, with their bright sociability and adorable playfulness. You may get tons of pleasure from them, but you should be sure to cater to their needs and desires to keep them happy and healthy. A key area of attention for rabbit care is their housing and environment. For outdoor rabbits, a rabbit […]

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Family and garden sheds

Finding A Good Site For Your Shed

One of the most important decisions when buying a shed is choosing where to put it. Read on to find out important considerations when choosing a spot for your shed. Shed Purpose Is my shed going to store a surfboard? A wheelbarrow? A rubbish bin? Before you even consider looking at a shed you have […]

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Garden Shed with Double Doors and Concrete

How To Fix A Garden Shed to a Concrete Slab

One of the most common ways a garden shed is installed is fixing it to a concrete slab.  Many customers already have an existing concrete slab that they are looking to utilise by installing a shed on it.  This is a great idea as it saves removing a slab while at the same time providing a solid […]

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Studio Timber Workshop Shed Sliding Window

Do I Need To Stain My Timber Shed

One of the common questions we get when people are looking to purchase a timber shed or a cubby house is whether the treated pine needs to be stained or painted to protect the wood.  Unlike steel, timber is a natural product that is impacted by the conditions in which it is exposed to, and therefore does require maintenance […]

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