Rabbit Hutch Considerations

Rabbits are wonderful pets, with their bright sociability and adorable playfulness. You may get tons of pleasure from them, but you should be sure to cater to their needs and desires to keep them happy and healthy. A key area of attention for rabbit care is their housing and environment. For outdoor rabbits, a rabbit hutch with all the right elements will suit them well. Here are some items to think about before purchasing your hutch:


The bigger the hutch the better. Firstly, it is likely to house not just one rabbit, but two or more of them. Rabbits are extremely social creatures that need a mate or two to bond with in order not to suffer from loneliness. Rabbits get bored if there’s not enough room to move around in, and if they don’t have the space to exercise, they may become obese. They should be able to comfortably groom each other and have separate feeding and toilet areas.


Your rabbit hutch will keep the rabbits safe from weather elements and predators. Inside of it, they will be protected against heat, cold, rain, and dampness. Proper ventilation is important so that damaging hot air doesn’t get trapped inside. The hutch will also keep them from being harmed by wild animals, or even by cats and dogs. There should additionally be netting all around to shield them from flies and mosquitos which may carry dangerous diseases. If they get the chance, flies may lay eggs in the rabbits where maggots can develop and even kill them.


Your hutch will indeed protect your rabbits, but you also need to protect your hutch from your rabbit. They can chew any wooden bits, and yet they need a partial wooden floor to feel sturdy on. Additionally, feeding them hay and grass regularly in their diet will wear down their teeth.


Burrowing is an instinctive behavior for rabbits that they will naturally want to express. Wild rabbits dig to find a safe place to sleep, be comfortable, have babies, and keep safe from predators. Although pet rabbits don’t have these same needs, mother nature still finds its way into their habits. For this reason, rabbits cannot have an all-mesh flooring. Their feet will get stuck in large mesh, or become rubbed and damaged in small mesh. Yet part of the floor should be mesh to allow droppings to fall. The other part of the floor should be wood, preferably in an enclosed area where they can hide, sleep, and feel secure. It helps to cover the hutch with newspaper and bedding materials, like shredded paper or straw, so they can happily dig, and get comfy and cosy.

To care for your rabbits, setting up their home is of the utmost importance, as is regularly maintaining and cleaning it. SteelChief offers a wide range of rabbit hutches, each containing both wire flooring for protection, as well as a wooden area for comfort. These hutches are super easy to assemble on your own, but Stellchief also may provide help with installation if needed. Alternatively, a bird aviary may be used to house your rabbit, also offered by SteelChief.