Customising Your Garden Shed

You’re about to buy a new garden shed, but not quite sure how to go about choosing one, or you may not even know your options. There are several factors to consider and different possibilities depending on your wants and needs. Let’s explore these so that you may get the shed you always dreamed of or to replace the one that needs an upgrade.


Although it’s got the word garden in it, a garden shed is not strictly for gardening! Thinking about the main way you intend to use it will help you to consider all the other factors. For example, some people use their sheds for a specific activity, like playing music, or doing yoga, or even doing work. Some extra considerations may be necessary in these cases, like how to install power or a water supply.

Roof Type

There are two main types of roofs to consider: gable and skillion. The gable roof is comprised of two equally sized panels that conjoin at the middle to form a quintessential “A” shape. Some feel this gives a homey feel to the backyard. Dirt debris, water and snow slide right off easily from this roof. It also provides more ventilation, making a cooler space. A Skillion roof is just one panel that lays on a diagonal across the top of the structure. As with the gable roof, things can slip right off it, so it does not have to be cleaned regularly. It will generally be a cheaper option, that’s easier to install. It has a minimalist modern appeal to its aesthetic.


You may wish to place your garden shed in a particular nook you’ve already picked out, or you may have a concrete slab already. In either case, you must take proper measurements and extra care to be sure your new shed will fit that space. SteelChief Sheds can particularly accommodate your needs in terms of size, as we can customize the shed even in the in-between, or non-standardized unusual sizes.


First, you should think about the colour of your house. The overall aesthetic of your home space should be visually appealing and complementary. That means you may contemplate also the colours of other surroundings, such as fences or landscapes, greenery and flowers. It’s up to you whether you want the shed to blend more with those surroundings or stand out as an eye-catcher. Thinking logistically, you can also account for the chosen shade based on the overall climate in your area. Opt for a lighter colour if you reside in a hotter place, as it naturally will reflect light, while choosing a darker colour, respectively, will suit a colder region.

At Steelchief, we offer a wide range of sizes and roof styles. We have a vast array of additional features such as windows, different door options, skylights, shelving, wall heights and much more. We can do everything from your standard 3m x 3m backyard shed to a custom design that will fit into any challenging space. Contact us today, we would love to help.