Usage Ideas For A Garden Shed

Garden Sheds have come a long way from the days we would just use it to store some tools and junk. There are a significant number of ways you can utilise this extra outdoor, yet enclosed and protected space just outside of your house. Here are a few purposes garden sheds can serve:


The most popular and obvious way to use this space is to store all your gardening tools such as lawnmowers, shear blades, rakes, stepping stools, seeds, soil, hoes, shovels, spades, weeders and the list goes on and on. Add long tools to a hanging rack for easy access and ideal usage of space. If these items are stored in a garage, they can become lost, disorganized, and separated more easily. Instead, the garden shed can be an area designated for your gardening needs alone.

Grow Plants

You can perform seeding inside your garden shed with flowers, or with your very own vegetable plants. Create your own planting bench or table as a selected area to soil your seeds in their pots. With an extra shelf underneath the table, soil can be collected and reused in the next batch of seeding instead of falling to the ground.

Use as a Pool Shed

You can store all your pool gear inside the garden shed as an alternative to storing gardening tools in it. Include chlorine cleaner, your pool vacuum, pool toys and your seasonal outdoor pool furniture when it is not being used in the winter. If you build it around your pool pump, it can help to mitigate the noise of it, in order not to disturb those living in your home as well as your neighbours.

Innovative Uses

Although it’s got the word garden in it, you don’t necessarily have to use your garden shed for gardening, or strictly for outdoor activities. Use this unit as an opportunity for that extra space you always wanted in your home but didn’t have room for. After all, purchasing a garden shed is far less costly than building an extension and you don’t need any fuss, disruptions or extra building permits. Plus, if you have some yard space, you can install it further away from your house for louder activities or for a feeling of removed zen and privacy.

For example, it can be a music practice room where noise is no issue, a home gym or even a yoga studio where you can really get into that meditative mind space. You can also work on creative endeavours, like painting, writing, or other art forms. It can be totally transformed into a “she-shed” or a “man cave” for the couple that needs their own girl or guy time. There is a plethora of other ideas you can use this space for, like for cutting hair, or sewing, so let your imagination run wild with this one.

If You’ve Yet To Buy Your Garden Shed

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