Fitting a Shed into a Tight Space

Customizing shed construction with SteelChief

Custom garden shed in tight space

If you have an unused narrow at the side or back of your house, you may be considering installing a shed. But what if your available space is irregular in shape? Jamming an off-the-shelf shed in there won’t do the trick. You’ll need a little bit of customization. Luckily, with SteelChief, the process is painless, and it won’t break the bank.

Here we go through a real-life example of how you can work with Steel Chief to get exactly the shed you need for that tight, custom space.

Let’s start with the area we have to work with:

Garden Shed with a tight space Preparation

The first thing to notice here is that the fence and the back wall of the house aren’t parallel. To maximize space, then, we’re going to need an irregular-shaped shed.

What other restraints do we have?

In discussions with the owner, we established the following:

X – Don’t impose on the neighbour with excessive height
X – Don’t block light going to the bathroom window (at the back of the house)

In terms of requirements, the owner wants:

O – Enough length to put surf boards and kayaks inside
O – The capacity to hang tools and install shelves inside
O – Some space for firewood
O – A long-lasting shed

Based on the restraints and requirements, and after a few rounds of back-and-forth revisions, we settled on the following site plan:

Garden Shed Custom Site Plan Design

A few things to note right off the bat:

  1. We decided to go with two structures: one long shed, and one smaller woodshed.
  2. For the long shed, there will be two access points: one set of double-hinged doors, and a second single wide door placed on the slanted cut-off corner. The second “side door” is essential for getting those long items in and out of the shed given the constrained space we’re working with.

Here are some shots of the shed under construction at our factory:

Garden Shed Custom Design

As you can see, we chose a steel-framed shed which will allow for easy mounting of tool boards and shelves.

We erected the shed while still in the factory to ensure that angles and measurements match the site. Note that the floor is also pre-assembled, making on site work a breeze. The pre-cut particle boards are shipped loose. Manufacture took about two weeks.

Moving onto installation, here’s the space after being cleared. We’ve laid down a bed of crushed rock. This helps with levelling the site and assists water drainage. Installation is easy with the pre-assembled panels and ready-built floor:

Garden shed custom base with preassembled panels

Installation time was five hours, start to finish.

And here it is, the finished shed, with a view of the side door (closed):

Custom garden shed for tight space

Notice another important customisation: the roof overhang at the fence side of the shed is minimal. This means that the shed can then be positioned close to the fence (within 150mm) while still having rainwater drain on the owner’s side of the fence.

The owner liked the corrugated steel sheet profile as it matched elements of his house. Corrugated is also a strong sheet which suits the robust use of the shed.

The owner later installed tool boards, attaching them to the steel frame of the shed:

Custom shed for limited space

Finally, here’s the small woodshed that sits to the side of the main shed:

Woodsheed by SteelChief for tight space

A roof and solid sides keep the wood dry. The front and part of the back are open, exposing the wood to air circulation so it can properly season. Green wood takes well over a year to dry out enough for use in a fireplace.

SteelChief offers a range of customisation options to help you maximise space, organise your storage, and keep your yard looking great. Contact us for a chat and we will be happy to tailor a solution specifically for you.