Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

1. Can I custom design a shed?
Yes. Definitely! We build your shed to your specifications to fit your space. We can even build Triangle, Trapezoid and L Shaped Sheds.

2. Can I get home delivery?
Yes. We can deliver your product direct to site if you are within a Factory Direct Service Area. See Delivery.

3. Can I pick it up in my ute/van/trailer?
All of our products are preassembled panels. Only some of our smaller products will fit in your ute/van/trailer. We highly recommend any products with walls over 2m in length of height be delivered by our specialty vehicles and team members. See Pickup Information.

4. Do your sheds come flat packed?
No. All our products are built as preassembled panels making them the easiest DIY’s products on the market also hugely reducing installation time and cost.

5. Do you provide an installation service?
Yes. We can install your product if you are within a Factory Direct Service Area. See Installation.

6. Do your sheds come with a floor?
No. Our sheds will need to be secured to the ground using anchor kits. We do sell specially designed rebated floors if base is needed. In addition, we can provide concrete slabs in our Factory Direct Service Areas. See Concreting.

7. Do your sheds come with the necessary anchors required?
They are not included as each shed base is different for each customer. We have anchor kits available for ground (dirt) anchor, concrete slab anchor and wooden floor anchor. Please advise which anchor is needed and we can include this in your quote.

8. Is there are a warranty on your products?
We guarantee all workmanship of our products. Our current suppliers of pre-painted coloured and zinc sheeting have warranted that their products are resistant to flaking, peeling and excessive fade or perforation for 15 years under certain conditions. Please read through the purchasing conditions for more information.

9. What door options are available?
Single and Double Hinged Doors, Single and Double Sliding Doors, Garage and Roller Doors. We can also make doors to suit your needs.

10. Can I mix the colours on my shed?
Yes, you can. Every panel, door, window or sheet can be a completely different colour and does not incur any extra charges.

11. What accessories are available?
We have many great storage solutions and shed accessories. You can get shelving, tool racks, bike hanging bars, skylights, windows, door locks, anchor kits and number of door options and more.

12. What wind ratings do your garden sheds have?
Our sheds are fully engineered and rated at N4 wind ratings which is equal to 180km gusts!

13. Do you have sheds available for tall people?
Yes. We can increase the height of our products to suit your needs. This means you will not have to duck to get into your shed and increase the storage space!

14. What colour are the flashing/screws/rivets used?
Our standard sheds come with galvanised and zinc coated flashing and screws and we use only the best aeroplane grade aluminium rivets.

15. How close can the shed be built to the fence/brick wall?
In most cases you will need to build the shed 15cm from a fence or brick wall to allow for roof overhang, water drainage from the roof and for installation purposes.

16. Does my shed need a permit?
Sheds over certain sizes and heights may need a building permit. We recommend you contact your local council but below are some simple guidelines, although there may be other restrictions in your area: VIC & QLD – sheds over 10sqm require a building permit, NSW – sheds over 20sqm require a building permit and SA – sheds over 15sqm require a building permit.

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