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Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

Picking Up Your SteelChief Garden Shed
Our sheds come with all the screw necessary to put your shed together. Anchor kits are not included as not everyone attacheds their shed to the same surface, If you would like to add a anchor fixing kit, please let our team know along with the surface you are installing onto.

We highly recommend that we deliver all our products as they come as pre-assembled panels, they do not come in a box or with any packaging.

If you decide that you would like to pick up your new products, or live outside our home delivery area, you will need two people, blankets to protect your panels, straps or ropes and a large trailer or van depending on the size of your shed.

Unfortunately, our pickup destinations do not always have staff available to help load your products so you will need to bring help with you.
Some of our smaller products may fit in a ute or smaller trailer but it is best to ask the size of your larges panel prior to ordering.

How to Handle & Store Pre-assembled Garden Shed Panels
Our products are manufactured as pre-assembled panels. The panels need to be handled and stored carefully. Each panel should be moved in a verticle position and carfully raised/lowered flat onto the ground.

Do not carry panels horizontally as they may bend and be damaged. you must also be carful handling the panels in windy conditions.

If you need to store you shed for a period before you can install, ensure they are protected from the wind, lying flat on the ground with some heavy weights and timbers to hold panels down flat. You can also securely tie them to a sturdy fence or better place in the garage out of the wind.

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