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Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

On Site Quotation

We may want to visit your site to confirm design of your shed or the site conditions (including falls) to plan your shed installation in particular if we are pouring concrete. It is important to have the site clear of toys, dog debris or any other items such as soil or bricks etc. This will allow us to make accurate measurements.

You can also plan before hand how we are going to access your site with our pre-assembled panels. We will want to walk down this path to check there is clearance for the tallest panel and trees or clothes line are clear.

If trees are overhanging the shed site they may need to be trimmed. Discuss this with our team member.

We may be arriving in a small truck with tandem trailer so having a large space outside your property to park is necessary. Please ring through any instructions of where to park…thanks.

Shed Installation or concrete work or site preparation

Please consider our parking requirement as per above.

Please have the shed site, surrounds and access clear of dog debris and any other obstructions. We maybe laying down panels and bringing other equipment.

We will need to have you or another designated person to show us the exact site for the shed. We also need to be told of any underground pipes or wires that may interfere with the work. Boxing concrete requires star pickets to be driven into the ground.

If we are preparing the site you may want consider where we can put any diggings. This maybe valuable for your garden and will save costs.

If you are responsible for preparing the shed site this needs to be completed prior to our arrival. If there is any doubt please discuss with our sales team. The site will need to be flat and level. Dig out any soft materials and replace with hard compacted fill or crushed rock.

We may need access to 240 volt power plug.

Concrete work may be completed in one day. Shed installation will then be scheduled a few days later.

Shed installation is usually completed in one day. Occasionally shed and concreting are done on the same day. Please discuss this with the sales team.

Shed installations cannot be done in rain or strong winds. We will give earliest possible advice if we are going to cancel due to weather.

Arrival times are approximate due to prior travel and jobs. Our team will try and keep you advised if there are significant delays.

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