Move Over Nasa! SteelChief Are Entering The Stratosphere!

It began as a simple request from a keen astronomer and quickly turned into a very interesting project for our team in the field! A customer enquired whether we can build a structure with a retractable roof which allowed the keen star gazer to observe his beloved stars at night. After some careful consideration we decided to give the project a go with some amazing results!

The timber walls from the outside were not a great deal different to our normal timber sheds, but once the roof went on that’s when the structure was truly transformed. The roof was required to sit 200mm above the walls to ensure it could slide across to reveal the universe above!

Once the structure was manufactured in our factory and then sent to Sydney the challenge was then to install it to the customer’s requirements. This meant ensuring a steel pier that held the telescope in place was concreted in to avoid any potential future movement. Once the concrete was in place the boys were able to install the rest of the observatory onto the slab.

The observatory nestled into the customer’s backyard beautifully with the green door and roof blending into the surrounding environment. The customer now has a wonderful, practical and beautiful structure to pursue his passion!