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SteelChief has an extensive range of bird aviaries to choose from. Whether you’re a serious bird breeder or just want a small bird enclosure to suit your backyard, we have the right product for you.

Aviary Features

We design our aviaries to offer an abundance of natural light and ventilation while protecting your birds from the elements. Our enclosures ensure your birds are comfortable, secure and protected.

Easy to Assemble Aviaries

We supply our bird enclosures as pre-made walls and roofs. To assemble them, all you need is a cordless drill. Simply screw together the panels to assemble your aviary in no time!

Customise Your Aviary

SteelChief offers a range of customisation options for your bird aviary. Firstly, you can choose from addons like cleaning trays, bird locks, dividers, hinged hatches, safety walkways, and more. The full-list of options is here. Next, as with all SteelChief products, you can choose from a selection of colours and finishes to ensure your bird aviary is a tasteful and long-lasting addition to your property. Additionally, SteelChief’s bird enclosures come in a range of standard sizes and shapes. Finally, you can opt for full customisation. Contact us if you’d like to further customise your aviary to fit the unique needs of your property.

Welded Mesh Aviaries

Galvanised welded wire square mesh is the ideal material for most aviaries and bird cages. Our strong welded mesh (12.5 x 12.5 x 1.3 mm) is:

  • dense enough to prevent most small birds from escaping
  • strong enough to keep your birds safe
  • not so thick that it obstructs viewing, airflow, or sunlight.

Note: for very small species, you’ll need a tighter mesh. Please contact us for details.

Heavy Gage Wire Aviaries

For larger birds like cockatoos and macaws, you may want to upgrade to our heavy gauge wire (25 x 25 x 2mm). The extra thickness of the wire ensures the integrity of the bird enclosure, while the larger size of the meshing means optimal viewing, airflow, and sunlight are maintained.

Aviary Installation

Before installing your bird enclosure, you’ll need to do some site preparation work. As part of site preparation, you should have a plan for anchoring your aviary to the ground. Anchoring your bird aviary to the ground is essential for preventing wind damage. Smaller aviaries can be anchored directly to bare soil with star pickets, pavers, or sleeper timbers. For larger aviaries, however, you may want to first install a concrete base (this also makes for an easy-to-clean aviary!).

SteelChief professionals provide a range of services including site preparation, concreting, installation, and permit applications. We’re available for site quotes in Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong and Bendigo. If you’re outside of those areas, please contact a local distributor for assistance.

Aviary Permits Australia

Permits are required for larger aviaries, and the rules vary by state:

  • Victory: aviaries over 10 square meters require a permit
  • New South Wales: aviaries over 20 square meters require a permit
  • South Australia: aviaries over 15 square meters require a permit

Please contact us for help applying for or obtaining your aviary permit.

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