Wire in Gable End Bird Aviaries

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This gable aviary design is one of our most attractive products on the marketplace. It provides a brilliant viewing platform to see your birds with wire implemented right to the tip of the gable peak. Sunlight will stream into the aviary although there is some roof overhang at the front which provides some shelter from the elements. There are a huge range of options you can choose from including bird locks, dividers and feeding hatches.

If you like this aviary style but want to make some modifications to suit your space or needs then call SteelChief today. We want to ensure we make the bird aviary that you want. Our aviaries can be tailored to suit the type of bird that you have, with bird proofing possible for smaller species and stronger wire another option for birds such as cockatoos.

Aviary Sizes

There are a large range of standard sizes to choose from. However if you require a specific size we can make to exact measurements.

  • AVIARY FRONT | Lengths from: 1.52m to 3.74m
  • AVIARY SIDE | Sides from: 1.52m to 2.26m
  • WALL HEIGHT | Standard Wall Height: 1.80m to 2.10m Wall Height

Aviary Options

We want to make your aviary, your way. That’s why there are a great range of options to choose from. Choose a divider to separate your pets or a bird lock to keep them secure. If you have a larger bird and are concerned about the strength of the wire then we do have a heavy wire option that will suit.

There are so many ways we can help improve the layout and functionality of your aviary. Check out the range of options available that can be applied.

Concreting and Site Preparation

If you are considering a concrete slab for your aviary and want it done for you then we are able to help. We offer concreting and site preparation services throughout Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong and Bendigo. If you are outside of these areas then contact either your local distributor or us for assistance.

We recommend a flat concrete slab for aviaries that is 100mm thick and has reinforced mesh within it to maximise strength. In comparison to a rebated concrete slab, a flat slabs allows you to easily wash out the floor of the aviary if required.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to install your aviary on natural ground then we recommend that the site be completely flat and level prior to erection.

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