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Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

Man sheds, she sheds, art studios, backyard teenage retreats; transforming an unused space into a backyard studio is growing in popularity, and for good reason. They provide the unique and isolated space you need to unleash creativity. The range of options available from SteelChief means you can quickly and easily build a long-lasting art shed or backyard retreat that’s also a beautiful addition to your property.

Backyard Studios That Look Great

SteelChief uses the highest quality treated timber for our range of backyard art studios and teenage retreats. The pitched steal roof is durable and maintenance free. For the timber walls, a simple stain provides a rustic feel, or you can paint the colours that suit the landscape or your existing structures.

Functional Backyard Studios and Art Sheds

Customise your backyard studio exactly how you want it. For an airy and spacious studio, install a skylight or extra windows. Adding a porch and verandah increases your useable space and makes for a quaint “cottage” feel. See our full list of options and extras.

Made-to-Order Backyard Studios

While our art sheds and retreats come in a range of standard sizes and shapes, we also customise our products to suit your exact requirements. Maybe your property has a challenging space that requires a custom shaped shed, or perhaps you have a unique design idea. Consult the professionals at SteelChief for help bringing your ideas to life.

Environmentally Friendly Timber Studios

Australia has some of the most comprehensive timber treatment standards in the world, and at SteelChief we are committed to adhering to them. All the timber in our teenage retreats and backyard art studios complies to the AS 1604 standard. This means the following:

  • It stands up to harsh conditions, including fungi, borers and termites
  • It’s certified safe from biohazards
  • There is no negative impact on the environment

Art Sheds That Can Be Insulated

SteelChief’s timber sheds are built with internal studs, allowing the option of fitting insulation and internal lining boards that can also be painted. Use your backyard art studio year round.

DIY Backyard Studios

SteelChief art studios come in pre-assembled panels with detailed installation instructions, making installation easy. All you need is a cordless drill and a few simple tools. Our tutorial videos will guide you through the process.

Full Service Installation

However, if you do require help with installation, we’ve got your back. The experts at SteelChief provide a range of services, including concretinginstallation, site preparation, and even help with permits. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote.

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