Chicken Coops & Chook Pens

From backyard chicken coops to commercial chook pens, SteelChief makes timber and steel chicken enclosures for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

DIY Chicken Coops

All of our backyard chicken coops come as pre-assembled panels. Simply screw the panels together, attach the roof, and secure the chicken enclosure to the ground. You’ll be raising healthy chickens in no time!

Chick Coop Installation

You’ll need to ensure your chicken coop is level, fixed to the ground, and that it has adequate drainage. Our tutorial videos can guide you through the process. Anyone can assemble and install SteelChief’s chicken coops, however, if you’re not in the mood for DIY, we’ve got your back. The experts at SteelChief provide a range of services, including concretinginstallationsite preparation, and even help with permits if required. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote.

Durable Chook Pens

While you can easily assemble any of SteelChief’s chook houses, they are also durable structures. SteelChief’s chicken coops will give your chickens ample protection from both harsh weather and determined predators. Our standard chicken hutches integrate welded mesh (12.5 x 12.5 x 1.3 mm) that is strong enough to keep your birds safe under most conditions. However, we do offer stronger heavy gauge wire (25 x 25 x 2mm) chicken coops that might be suited to your area or application. Additionally, if you’re chook house is exposed to high winds, you also have the option of upgrading to a fully-welded internal steel frame.

Options for Chicken Coops

SteelChief offers a range of additional features for chicken coops. Add one or more layer boxes for easy access to eggs. Install perches to help strengthen the feet of your chickens while keeping the eggs clean. If you need to separate some of your chooks, our dividers make it easy.

You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, wall heights, and roof types for your chicken coops.

Colours Available For Standard Steel Profile

Smooth Cream
Off White
Caulfield Green
Mountain Blue
Heritage Red
Mist Green
Slate Grey
Jasmin Brown

Colours Available For Corrugated

Contemporary Colours

Evening Haze
Shale Grey

Classic Colours

Classic Cream
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Manor Red
Night Sky
Pale Eucalypt
Paper Bark
Woodland Grey

Zinc Finish

Available for the standard steel sheet profile as well as corrugated profile, the Zinc finish is a classic, functional and stylish option.

You can also choose between steel and timber. The range of options available to you from SteelChief means that you can customise your chicken coop however you want, making it a great-looking addition to your yard.

Not only that, but if you have a challenging space and need a custom-shaped chicken coop, SteelChief is standing by to help. Please contact us for details.

Commercial Chook Farm Pens

SteelChief has the expertise and experience manufacturing and assembling large scale chook farms. While you can can combine our standard chook sheds to create a commercial-scale chook farm, we also offer customised chicken pens that will more precisely meet your needs. Give us a call and we can help you get started on your next project.

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