Flat Roof Chicken Coops

Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

The flat roof fowl house is a compact chook shed that is a perfect option for those with limited space. There are a great range of standard sizes to choose from however if you require something to fit a specific area then we are able to help you. Add layer boxes to your chook shed for the convenient collection of eggs. What could be better than fresh eggs every day.

There are a great range of options to choose from including dividers, layer boxes and additional wire sections. We want to ensure you are completely happy with your chook shed which often requires a custom design. We are vastly experienced in this area and can provide knowledgeable and friendly advice.

Installation Instructions

For the DIY enthusiast, our chook sheds are the easiest and best product on the market. All of our fowl houses come in pre-made walls and roofs and you only need to screw together the separate panels using a cordless drill and your chook shed will be assembled in no time! Be sure to attach your product to the ground immediately to ensure that no wind damage occurs. There are a great range of videos and notes to help guide you through the installation process.

Alternatively, if you require installation to be done for you then contact us and we can help arrange it. We provide a range of other services including permit applications, site preparation and concreting throughout Ballarat, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Geelong and Bendigo. If you are outside of these areas then contact either your local distributor or us for assistance.

Permits Information

Depending on where you are located a permit may be required for your fowl house.

  • If you are in Victoria an aviary that is 10 square metres or over requires a permit.
  • If you are in New South Wales an aviary that is 20 square metres or over requires a permit.
  • If you are in South Australia an aviary that is 15 square metres or over requires a permit.

If you require assistance in applying or obtaining a permit then please contact us for help.

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