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Steelchief’s wheeled chicken tractor allows you to drive your girls round in style. With a 60cm high roost we use all the height of the tractor so your chickens will have a good night sleep. The tractor is 95cm high by 78cm wide and 196cm long, making it 1.5 square metres so able to house 3-4 chickens. The nesting box is raised off the ground on a wire mesh platform to keep it clean. Our 10mm wide wire mesh walls keeps rodents out while being strong enough to stop foxes and other larger pests. Want to change something about the design, just ask, we specialise in custom jobs and would be happy to make your tractor to fit your needs.

Important : Do not move your portable cage with any animal inside to avoid injuring your pets or birds.

Comes with:

  • 1 Wooden nesting box
  • 1 67cm roost (fits 2-3 chooks)
  • 1 Nesting platform
  • 1 Weather shield
  • 2 “Wheelbarrow” handles
  • 2 Ramps for easy access to the roost and nesting platform
  • Easy access roof hatch
  • Rodent & snake proof wire mesh walls
  • Sturdy welded steel construction


900mm High x 780mm Wide x 1960mm Long, steel frame construction:


$975 Colour


  • Hatch in wall of choice $115
  • Fox proof flooring Approx $80 (made to suit conditions)
  • We can add any Feeder/drinker that you select.
  • Additional nesting box could be added by the customer or we can supply $25

Installation: Check with our local sales team.

  • Attach wheels to sides, such that the stepped side hits the stopper (wheels should be labelled which side). The wheels should be able to rotate but not rock side to side.
  • Attach front and back to the sides, taking care that the tops are level.
  • Position and attach any accessories that needs to be away from the doors.
  • Place the roof such that narrow section fits snugly inside the Base Smart on top of the sides and make sure the latch lines up at the back.
  • Screw the roof in place through the Base Smart.
  • Place all the accessories into place, screwing into place if desired.
  • The wheelbarrow handles slot into the bottom steel frame and can be used to lift the frame so the wheels rotate into place, and then allow you to move the tractor like a wheelbarrow.

Site Prep

Construct on a flat & level surface. Can then be wheeled around.


Not applicable too small to warrant.


Works great with all sorts of small animals and poultry.

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