Roller Door Sheds

Roller door sheds are perfect for storing and conveniently accessing your most valuable items, particularly when you’re working with limited space.

Why choose a roller door shed?

1. When you have limited space

With no swinging doors to consider, sheds with roller doors fit into the tightest of spaces. For properties with limited space, this allows you to maximise the size of the shed while retaining easy access to your valuable items or workspace.

2. For extra strength, security & comfort

Due to the extra weight of the door, all our roller door sheds integrate a fully welded internal RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) frame made from 25mm x 25mm steel beams.

While all of SteelChief’s sheds meet the R4 Wind Standard, our steel frame sheds bring the additional strength that’s needed for areas particularly exposed to wind, as well as for larger structures. The standard sheeting is fine for most scenarios. However, combining a steel frame with heavier corrugated sheeting will offer the greatest strength and security, plus that heritage aesthetic appeal.

Roller door shed features

Like all our products, SteelChief’s roller doors are built to last. With SteelChief, you’re getting manufactured locally, arrives as pre-assembled panels. More emphasis on how hard inferior the sheds in a box are. our factory craftsmanship delivered to your door.  All our storage solutions, including sheds with roller doors, integrate our Basesmart technology. This keeps debris away from the shed walls and protects them from corrosion.


SteelChief has a huge range of options & extras for customising your shed including windows, a skylight, bike bar & hooks, and more. For roller door storage sheds, since the opening typically traverses the entire width of the front wall, many people choose to go with shelving along the back wall.

Fully customisable roller door sheds

You can choose from a range of standard sizes and shapes, or you can fully customise your roller door shed. SteelChief builds made-to-order sheds that fit perfectly into even the most challenging space. This includes slimline garden sheds with roller doors, trapezoidal sheds, and corner sheds.

Easy to assemble

We deliver the shed in five pre-assembled panels, plus the roller door, allowing for easy installation. and fix the structure to the concrete slab. (not an option for roller door). Can be skillion or

To get door in, it has to be 2.4m tall to accommodate the bundle of roller door. Roller door good option for working on verandah , meaning for All you need is a cordless drill. Simply screw together the panels together and fix the structure to the ground.

Easy installation

For smaller structures, you can tackle installation on your own. You’ll need to ensure your site is level, and that it has adequate drainage. Our tutorial videos guide you through the process. For larger sheds, particularly those with concrete bases, you may want to look to the experts for help. SteelChief provides a range of services, including site preparationconcreting, installation, and help with permits. If you live in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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