Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

SteelChief’s timber sheds are perfect if you’re looking for a more natural, rustic look. While generally more expensive and requiring more maintenance than steel, timber does bring a number of advantages including ease of interior customisation, and improved ambiance. This makes timber the ideal material for applications like work sheds, art studios, cubby houses, and teenage retreats.

Features of Timber Sheds

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, SteelChief’s timber sheds are built to last. To start, we use treated pine that adheres to the AS 1604 standard. This means they:

  • Resist fungi, borers and termites
  • Standup to harsh conditions, including high heat and moisture
  • Are certified safe from biohazards
  • Have no negative impact on the environment such as chemical leaching

SteelChief’s wood sheds also meet the superior N4 wind rating standard. With only 3% of buildings in Australia meeting this standard, it means our timber sheds can stand up to higher winds than most other structures.

Timber Shed Standard Sizes

Timber Shed Sizes - Gable Roof

We also specialise in Custom shed sizes.

Wall heights

Timber Shed Sizes - Skillion Roof

We also specialise in Custom shed sizes.

Wall heights

Timber Shed Sizes - Flat Roof

Sorry, but a Flat Roof is not available with a Timber profile.

Timber Shed Sizes - Heritage Roof

Sorry, but a Heritage Roof is not available with a Timber profile.

Easy to Assemble

SteelChief timber sheds come in pre-assembled panels with detailed installation instructions. All you need is a cordless drill and a few simple tools!

However, if you do require help with installation, we’ve got your back. If you live in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Geelong, Ballarat, or Bendigo, please contact us for a quote. Outside those areas, see our list of local distributors for assistance. Ask us about our site preparation and concreting services, or do it yourself with the help of our tutorial videos

Why Do People Choose Timber Sheds?

There are a number of reasons to choose a timber shed rather than a steel shed.

Visual Appeal

Wood generally offers a more natural, rustic look than steel. Since any structure on your property can have either a positive (or negative! ) impact on your home’s valuation, going with a shed design that complements the other structures on your property is an important consideration.

Sturdier feel

Although steel structures are in fact stronger pound-for-pound, wood sheds have the benefit of weighing significantly more. This gives them a sturdier feel and makes the interior quieter and, for many, more comfortable.

More Interior Customisation Options

Timber structures are easier to work with than steel. For example, hanging fall finishes like sheet rock or plywood, or adding shelving and built-in cabinetry is generally harder to do after the fact with steel sheds.

SteelChief’s timber sheds are built with internal studs, making it easy to install insulation and internal lining boards (that can also be painted to suit your tastes). With an insulated shed, you’ll be comfortable year round, making timber a good choice for workshops, man caves, she sheds, and art studios.

Of course, like all of SteelChief’s sheds, our timber sheds can be customised with a huge range of addons like a verandah, a skylight, extra windows, and more. Browse your options in our Features section, or contact a SteelChief expert to discuss your project today!

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