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Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

SteelChief offers a range of pet runs & pet enclosures; from outdoor cat enclosures to wooden dog kennels, steel dog kennels, pet runs, and our larger dog pens.

DIY Pet Runs & Pet Enclosures

All of our runs and enclosures come as pre-assembled panels. Simply screw the panels together and fix the enclosure to the ground. You’ll have a home for your pet in no time.

A Safe Outdoor Space for Your Pet

While SteelChief’s pet enclosures are easy to assemble, they are durable structures that are designed to give your pets protection from both harsh weather and predators.

Customise Your Pet Runs & Pet Enclosures

Choose from a wide selection of customisation options. For example, for our cat enclosures, you can integrate items like cat tunnels, privacy panels, shelving, dividers, and more. For all our pet runs and enclosures, you can add features like a larger roof overhang for added protection from the elements, a corrugated roof, or a multi-coloured finish.

Colours Available For Heavy Duty Steel

Surfmist / Off White
Paper Bark / Merino
Classic Cream / Smooth Cream
Pale Eucalypt / Mist Green
Shale Grey
Dune / Birch
Woodland Grey / Slate Grey
Monument / Monolith

Colours Available For Corrugated Steel

Paper Bark
Classic Cream
Evening Haze
Deep Ocean
Woodland Grey
Shale Grey
Night Sky
Pale Eucalypt
Cottage Green
Manor Red

Zinc Finish

Available for the standard steel sheet profile as well as corrugated profile, the Zinc finish is a classic, functional and stylish option.

Timber or Steel Dog Kennels plus safe Rural Dog Kennels

SteelChief’s dog kennels come in either timber or steel, and you can choose either a flat or a gabled roof. There are standard sizes and you can request custom sizes to suit your pet. We can add a verandah and overhanging roof. We understand that every dog is different. The wooden floors are off the ground on bearers helping to keep the kennel dry.

We have rural range of kennels for the working dogs that are clear of the ground (and the snakes). Built with sturdy SHS steel they can be gently towed into position. Again we have some standard sizes and will happily custom design one to suit your farm needs. The kennel consists of a warm sleeping section and then an open three sided run with full shade / rain cover.

Made-to-order Enclosures

While SteelChiefs runs & enclosures come in a range of standard sizes, we also offer made-to-order builds. Perhaps you have a challenging space on your property, or maybe you just want to build something special for your pet. Our experienced customer service team members are standing by to help. Please contact us for a consultation.

Pet Run & Pet Enclosure Installation

Anyone can assemble and install SteelChief’s enclosures, however, if you’re not in the mood for DIY, we’ve got your back. The experts at SteelChief provide a range of services, including concretinginstallationsite preparation, and even help with permits. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote.

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