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Garden Shed Sale
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SteelChief offers a great range of quality dog kennels made from high quality, thick steel. There are three sizes to choose from to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes, although we can make something to suit your exact requirements.

Like all of our products the kennel comes in a number of panels and can be easily put together. Alternatively if you would already like it assembled then we arrange this for you too.

Colours Available For Heavy Duty Steel

Surfmist / Off White
Paper Bark / Merino
Classic Cream / Smooth Cream
Pale Eucalypt / Mist Green
Shale Grey
Dune / Birch
Woodland Grey / Slate Grey
Monument / Monolith

Colours Available For Corrugated Steel

Paper Bark
Classic Cream
Evening Haze
Deep Ocean
Woodland Grey
Shale Grey
Night Sky
Pale Eucalypt
Cottage Green
Manor Red

Zinc Finish

Available for the standard steel sheet profile as well as corrugated profile, the Zinc finish is a classic, functional and stylish option.

Small Steel Dog Kennel
0.81m x 0.81m x 1090mm high, wall height 550mm ZINC $445 COLOUR $459

Medium Steel Dog Kennel
0.81m x 1.58mm x 1090mm high, wall height 750mm ZINC $595 COLOUR $615

Large Steel Dog Kennel
1.20m x 1.58m x 1310mm high, wall height 750mm ZINC $676 COLOUR $695

  • Kennels supplied as 6 pre-assembled panels plus the floor and ridge cap.
  • Price includes elevated wooden floor.
  • Available in all SteelChief Colours.

We offer a wide range of Dog Kennels and Runs to suit any breed, shape or size. Our selection provides a secure and safe area for your dog while catering to your canine’s natural instinct and behavior.

All of our designs are strong and long lasting, and are designed to withstand any weather conditions. With an extensive range of sizes, colours, materials and styles, you’re guaranteed to find right dog kennel that will accommodate your breed’s specific needs.

We offer a range options for kennels produced in either timber or steel. All kennels can be used to house cats, while certain products, such as the pet run can be used to house chickens and ducks. The kennels are low maintenance and easy to clean.

All of our kennels come in pre-assembled panels, making it easy to transport and then build on site. If you do require help with installation then we do offer this service to a number of major areas including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. So get started today on your next pet project and let us help guide you through the best solution.

The rural dog kennel is specially designed to keep the dogs well above the ground to eliminate the chance of a snake bite. There is an airy run plus a cosy kennel. It is easy to keep clean and can be easily relocated. We can produce larger versions for two or more dogs. It is produced as pre-assembled panels that simply screw together. We also offer an option of an insulated roof.

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