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Secure, Safe and Comfortable

These dog runs are suitable for breeders and owners of all types of dogs. There is a full height (1800mm) shed for sleeping and then a sturdy run. Our size range will suit all dogs and available space. Multiple bay configurations are available.

The sheeting is a heavy duty deep rib profile coming in following colours (Slate Grey, Monolith, Smooth Cream, Mist Green, Off White and Zinc. The run is framed with 25 x 25mm square hollow section steel, fully welded and clad with welded mesh 25 x 25 x 3.0mm.

Raised Dog Kennels

Protect your dog from the elements and predators like snakes with our best quality raised dog pens. Our raised Dog Kennels are available in Sydney and New South Wales as well as Melbourne and Victoria. Call us to speak with our friendly staff and find out more.

Also, Dangerous Dog Enclosures

Our dog runs can be upgraded to Dangerous Dog Enclosures with the following additions:

  • Wire mesh diameter is increased to 4.0mm
  • Add secure roof over the run
  • Self closing and locking door
  • Lockable door.
  • Graded concrete floor.
  • Ten square meters per dog.
  • Securely attached to the floor.
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