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These dog runs are suitable for breeders and owners of all types of dogs. There is a full height (1800mm) shed for sleeping and then a sturdy run. Our size range will suit all dogs and available space. Multiple bay configurations are available.

The sheeting is a heavy duty deep rib profile coming in following colours (Slate Grey, Monolith, Smooth Cream, Mist Green, Off White and Zinc. The run is framed with 25 x 25mm square hollow section steel, fully welded and clad with welded mesh 25 x 25 x 3.0mm.

Also, Dangerous Dog Enclosures

Our dog runs can be upgraded to Dangerous Dog Enclosures with the following additions:

  • Wire mesh diameter is increased to 4.0mm
  • Add secure roof over the run
  • Self closing and locking door
  • Lockable door.
  • Graded concrete floor.
  • Ten square meters per dog.
  • Securely attached to the floor.
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