Garbage Bin Storage Sheds

SteelChief’s bin lockers are a smart way to hide your wheelie bins. With solid steel construction and an array of stylish colours to choose from, our wheelie bin sheds will withstand the harshest conditions Australia has to throw at them, and look good while doing so. 

Bin Lockers That Are Durable and Easy to Access

SteelChief’s garbage bin enclosures come with both individual hinged front doors and individual hinged roof access lids. No need to swing large, cumbersome doors or lift the entire roof just to access one bin.

The enclosures also integrate a unique flat rail design at the front base. This means you can roll your wheelie bins in and out easily, without them getting stuck on the rail.

Like all our products, SteelChief’s bin lockers are built to last. They integrate a solid steel frame to take the knocks. We design and manufacture our bin lockers right here in Australia, and deliver them direct from the factory.

Sizing Options and Pricing for SteelChief Bin Lockers

123cm high bin lockers:

One bin78cm wide, 78cm deep, 123cm high$300
Two bins152cm wide, 78cm deep, 123cm high$450
Three bins 2260cm wide, 78cm deep, 123cm high$598
Four bins3000cm wide, 78cm deep, 123cm high$700

180cm high bin lockers:

Alternatively, you can go with 180cm high bin lockers. For this option, the price is the same as the above chart, but the bin lockers don’t have hinged roofs (meaning the roof doesn’t open, only the doors at the front). Instead, these bin lockers include a shelf at 120cm. This means you’ll have a 40cm high storage area above each bin.

Other Options

  • Lockable lids
  • Double doors (for the 152cm or greater lockers only)
  • Sliding doors (only possible if the flooring is solid, meaning concrete or pavers, not gravel or dirt)
  • Second shelf (for the 180cm high bin lockers only)

Colours Available For Standard Steel Profile

Smooth Cream
Off White
Caulfield Green
Mountain Blue
Heritage Red
Mist Green
Slate Grey
Jasmin Brown

Colours Available For Corrugated

Contemporary Colours

Evening Haze
Shale Grey

Classic Colours

Classic Cream
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Manor Red
Night Sky
Pale Eucalypt
Paper Bark
Woodland Grey

Zinc Finish

Available for the standard steel sheet profile as well as corrugated profile, the Zinc finish is a classic, functional and stylish option.

DIY Wheelie Bin Lockers

We supply our bin lockers direct from the factory as pre-assembled panels, allowing for easy installation. All you need is a cordless drill. Don’t waste your time with inferior sheds-in-a-box. Do it right with quality Australian workmanship delivered straight to your door.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Attach sides to back as per standard construction.
  2. Slot sides into large channel on back of steel frame, then tek screw about 10mm from free (not frame) edge of channel to secure in place.
  3. Square up sides by getting the diagonals equal.
  4. Attach roof bars to back wall after slotting (but not screwing in place) onto the nibs on the back of the steel frame (not for 78cm wide version)
  5. Ensure the back wall is not bowed by measuring sides (should be about 805mm) and checking the distance from the back wall to the front is the same at each roof bar, then screwing them in place when they are. Sighting along the back wall will allow you to remove any bowing.
  6. Sit the roof on top of the shed and ensure that the overlap at each side is equal, then screw the hinges in place. There should be one hole for each hinge already drilled.
  7. Double check the latches on the front are caught by the catches. They should line up if everything is square and the roofs are in the right place.
  8. Ensure the doors open and close freely. You may need to add shims below a front corner to get them to sit properly.

Site Preparation

Generally, you’ll want to ensure the site is flat and level. When that’s not possible, you’ll need to hang the door so the gap is on the opposite side of the hinge. Use anchors for solid flooring such as concrete or pavers. Use pickets for gravel or dirt.

Installation Services

Anyone can assemble a SteelChief bin locker. However, if you’d like to leave it to the pros, we’ve got you covered. We provide a range of services, including site preparationconcreting, and installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote.

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