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Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale
Garden Shed Sale

SteelChief builds easy-to-assemble, fully customisable pool sheds that make a long-lasting and beautiful addition to your property while providing all your pool equipment storage needs

Customisable Pool Shed Solutions

SteelChief makes it easy to build precisely the pool shed to suit your unique requirements. We supply pool sheds in a range of standard shapes and sizes that will cover most needs. However, if you have an oddly shaped property or space, we’ve also got you covered. SteelChief specializes in slimline sheds with roller doors, trapezoidal sheds, and corner sheds.

We also build made-to-order sheds that fit perfectly into even the most challenging spaceGet in touch and let us help you design the precisely the pool shed you need.

Colours Available For Heavy Duty Steel

Surfmist / Off White
Paper Bark / Merino
Classic Cream / Smooth Cream
Pale Eucalypt / Mist Green
Shale Grey
Dune / Birch
Woodland Grey / Slate Grey
Monument / Monolith

Colours Available For Corrugated Steel

Paper Bark
Classic Cream
Evening Haze
Deep Ocean
Woodland Grey
Shale Grey
Night Sky
Pale Eucalypt
Cottage Green
Manor Red

Zinc Finish

Available for the standard steel sheet profile as well as corrugated profile, the Zinc finish is a classic, functional and stylish option.

You can also choose from a huge list of addons and extras. For example, you can add custom shelving to store chemicals and cleaning equipment off the ground. Other pool shed ideas are additional wall height, a skylight or windows for ventilation, even a verandah that doubles as a poolside lounge. If you’re looking for a more natural, rustic look, you might consider a timber shed.

SteelChief Pool Shed Features

Like all our products, SteelChief’s pool sheds are built to last. Whether you go with a standard steel shed or upgrade to an even stronger steel framed shed and/or corrugated steel shed, you’re always getting quality materials with design and manufacture done right here in Australia. All our sheds integrate our very own Basesmart technology, which keeps debris away from the walls and protects them from corrosion. No maintenance required! Finally, since our pool sheds adhere to the stricter N4 Wind Rating, you’ll never have to worry about storms.

Easy to Assemble Pool Sheds

We supply our pool sheds direct from the factory as pre-assembled panels, allowing for easy installation. All you need is a cordless drill. Our tutorial videos will guide you through the process, including tips on site preparation and fixing the structure to the ground. Don’t waste your time with complex sheds-in-a-box. Do it right with quality Australian workmanship delivered straight to your door.

Pool Shed Installation Services

Anyone can assemble a SteelChief shed, no matter the size or shape, but if you’d like to leave it to the pros, we’ve got you covered. SteelChief provides a range of services, including site preparationconcretinginstallation, and even help with permits. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote.

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