Reasons To Get A Pet Run/Pen

When it comes to designing spaces in the outdoor area of your home, practicality, and functionality first come to mind. Most homes have entertainment spaces outside, an earthy area with flowers or edible plants, and perhaps a garden shed for storage. Additionally, if the home has children, there may be a play area for them. But how about if the house has pets? Ideally, there should be a space outside for them too; where they can run and play, or enjoy the outdoors in a safe contained manner; even when you’re not around.

A pet run or enclosure (dog pen, or cat cage for example) outside of your home will make a superb addition to it. Here are some reasons why:

Your Pet Easily Escapes? 

If your pet is a regular Houdini, you may face fears and frustrations that they will easily run away. For some pets, a regular fence just won’t suffice to ensure that they remain locked safely within the confines of your property. They can dig a hole right through the bottom of the fence and wiggle their way out, or else, jump and reach over the fence to the other side.

Keep Them Out of Trouble

You love your pet, but sometimes they get into mischief! If you have a garden in your backyard, for example, they can easily tear it up, and you may come home to a ruined vegetable patch or ripped up flower beds. Keep your pet out of trouble before they begin. If you get your pet run installed for you, the staff can ensure that those digging pets don’t stand a chance of escaping. 

Give Your Pet Freedom of Movement When You’re Not Home

If you build your pet run alongside a door of your house, you can leave that entranceway open. That way, your pet can come in and out when you are not there. Give your pet the luxury of being able to go outside for some fresh air or sunshine and back in when they please.

Keep Your Pet Safe from Wild Animals

If you live in an area near the bush, make sure that when your pet is spending time outside, there is no chance they will become prey for animals outside. Having a pet run will allow them to stay outside for long periods of time, without risking harm to them. 

For the Comfort and Enjoyment of Your Pet

This is the main reason why you are putting a pet run in your home. You want a safe place, out of the way of your garden or entertainment areas, where your pet can run around and enjoy the outdoors. While pets are domesticated animals, they still are not meant to be cooped up inside for too long. The pet run is the perfect area for them to get some much-needed exercise. Having this designated area for your pet will undoubtedly boost their happiness and health. 

SteelChief supplies beautiful pet runs, which are super easy to install. They come with a hinged roof and an elevated wooden floor, both of which supply a safe and comfortable place for your pet to hang out.