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Setting up a site so that it is level and suitable for a concrete slab, wooden floor, or direct on-the-ground installation requires more work than you might first think. You must use an accurate level to check the grades on your proposed site, as the naked eye can be very deceptive. Additional considerations include how the water will drain around your shed and setbacks from the boundaries.

If the site is not prepared properly, then we will not be able to do the planned work. Additional costs may be incurred.

  1. Firstly, remove the topsoil and all grass roots around the base. There needs to be at least 450mm clear around the shed for the persons erecting the walls and roof. Tighter spaces can be achieved in some circumstances. Please discuss this point with a member from our team before ordering your shed.
  2. Use a level placed on top of a long straight piece of wood (eg. 90mm x 45mm x 3.0m long pine) to make a contour map of your planned site. It helps to peg out the corners of your shed first.
  3. Decide what the finished level is going to be after considering the contour map. The top of the floor should be well above the surrounding ground. You can dig down the high areas and shift dirt to build up the low areas. Additionally, you can purchase crushed rock or the equivalent to build up low spots. Clay is not suitable as a fill.
  4. The fill should be placed in 150mm layers (or less) and compacted with a powered compactor or vibrating roller. Make sure you flatten the perimeter around the base of your shed, approximately 300mm all around.
  5. Next, consider how the water will drain around your shed, you may need to dig and form some drains and ensure they are graded to take the water away from the shed.
  6. Finally, check the site is level. Add thin layers of crushed rock to make the site level.
  7. The site is now prepared for:
    – Erecting your shed or cubby.
    – Installing a wooden floor, then erecting the shed.
    – Laying a concrete slab. Concrete work is best done by trained people with the appropriate equipment to ensure a professional finish to your project. Rectifying quality issues from substandard concreting is expensive and time consuming.

If you are unsure that your site is adequately prepared, please request a site quote.

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