What is an Over Car/Bonnet Storage Locker and How Can It Benefit You?

Whether you live in a large open plan house or compact minimalist apartment, getting extra storage is always a good idea. Outdoor storage units are especially beneficial because they free up valuable space inside your home. Many people living in metropolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne have limited space around their houses. Some barely have enough space to park their cars. Which is why alternative storage solutions such as above car lockers are gaining popularity.

What is an Above Car Locker?

Just as the name suggests, an overhead car locker is a storage unit that occupies the space above your car. It is ideal for homes with indoor garages, carports or narrow driveways where you can park your vehicle.

Above car lockers optimize the free space above your car’s bonnet. This space is easy to access for a wide variety of vehicle designs, from large SUV trucks to ordinary passenger cars.

These lockers are built as freestanding units with robust stands designed to bear heavy loads. Above car lockers need to have weather-resistant properties. This improves their longevity, especially if they will be exposed to rain, strong winds or extreme heat.

At Steel Chief, we design and build bespoke storage units. We understand that every customer is unique and work to satisfy your specific needs. We design our above car lockers to maximize the potential of space you have available. We also ensure that you have enough room to maneuver when parking your car. Below are a just a few benefits you can enjoy by installing an above car locker.

1. Minimal Space Requirements

These lockers are built above the space you would use to park your car. As such, they don’t consume any additional floor space in your garage. With the dynamic cost of real estate in Australia, every square unit of floor space is valuable.

2. Versatile Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage units are great for minimizing clutter in and around your home. They are also ideal for the secure storage of several items that are not suitable to store indoors. These include industrial chemicals, greasy tools, vehicle spare parts or even birthday or Christmas presents you want to hide away. Above car lockers cover the entire width of your car. This makes them much wider than conventional storage units, allowing you to store bulky items such as bicycles and surfboards securely.

3. Increases Resale Value

Storage options are essential when valuing homes today. You can use your extra storage as a strong bargaining point when selling your home. Above car lockers add value whether they are fixed or portable.

Fixed above car lockers are secured in place with concrete foundations. Portable lockers, on the other hand, are supported by strong structural members and can be moved around freely. Most portable above car lockers have adjustable legs to help them balance on uneven floors.

Above car lockers have immense benefits. They are robust, easy to access and very affordable.

These high-value storage solutions are easy to deploy in urban areas with limited space options. If you are interested in an affordable way to increase your storage options, contact Steel Chief today. Our friendly staff are always ready to welcome new customers.