What Kind Of Garden Shed Is Right For You?

Installing a garden shed at your home is a substantial investment that will change the look and feel of your outdoor space. As such, you should take careful consideration when deciding what type of shed to build at your house.

When it comes to garden sheds, there are a wide variety of options, depending on the items you need to store and the aesthetic you prefer. You can even customise your shed to suit your storage, size and functional needs.

You will consider the size of your garden shed and roof configuration. A Gable roof shed sends the water in two directions and is popular especially in bigger sizes. A Skillion roof shed sends the water in one direction. To the back (on the garden bed) or to the front over the door away say from your house wall. Door positions can be adjusted to suit your space. Sliding doors are great if you have a narrow walkway.

In this article, we’ll outline four of the most popular shed types, so you can determine which kind of garden shed is right for your home.

Steel Frame Sheds

If strength and durability is a priority for you, be sure to explore the selection of steel frame sheds from SteelChief. They are built with a fully welded internal RHS frame to provide extra support, which is especially important in areas with high wind speeds and extreme weather. Particularly popular for workshops you can easily line the internal walls attaching to the internal frame.

As with other SteelChief sheds, you have the opportunity to custom design all of the features of your steel frame shed, including windows, door options and internal shelving.

Corrugated Garden Sheds

These sheds are generally considered the most traditional looking sheds that SteelChief offers. They have a classic look as well as an impressive amount of internal storage space and security.

In addition, the corrugated sheeting is a durable material that will stand up to harsh weather conditions to keep your belongings safe. Even better, you can decide between 24 colours, which can be mixed and matched to suit your individual preferences and complement your home.

Steel Frame Corrugated Sheds

As the name would suggest, these sheds have the strong internal structure offered by steel frame sheds, paired with durable corrugated sheeting. As a result, these sheds provide maximum protection and defence against the elements.

Steel frame corrugated sheds, like other SteelChief products, are easy to install. The sheds include pre-assembled panels that just need to be screwed together before the shed is fixed to the ground. If you’d prefer professional installation, our expert crews are available to visit your home in the greater Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide areas.

Timber Sheds

These sheds are a bit of a departure from the other options listed above. Timber sheds are made from high-quality, treated pine to create a rustic look in your garden. While they are commonly used for outdoor storage, timber sheds can also be used as workshops or art studios.

While they are made from a different material than the other SteelChief sheds, you still have the ability to customise a timber shed to your liking. Feel free to choose your own sub-floors, windows, door and internal shelving options.

If you’re looking for a customised garden shed to suit your outdoor space, reach out to the experts at SteelChief. You can work with our professional team to build a personalised shed that fits your space and has all of the aesthetic and storage features that you require.