Before You Buy A Bird Aviary

Whether you’re a serious bird keeper or just enjoy keeping some feathered friends as pets, having a bird aviary at your home can provide serious benefits. For one, it makes it simple to keep an eye on your birds at any given point. Second, you’ll be creating a spacious and comfortable home for your beloved pets.

When deciding on a bird aviary, it’s worth considering some factors:

Can you Customise the Aviary to your Specifications?

As a bird owner, you know your pets and their preferences the best out of anyone. So why purchase an aviary that doesn’t allow you to design it to your specifications? With SteelChief bird aviaries, you can choose from our selection of dividers, bird locks, wall heights, hatches, sliding weather panels and more.

You can select the arrangement of solid sheet and wire in your aviary. This may vary from our standard recommendations depending on your preferences. The comfort of your birds is of utmost importance.

From an aesthetic point of view, you can design your aviary to fit in with the style of your home. Choose from multiple sizes and colours to match the look and feel of your house and exterior features. SteelChief can build in all the different profile steels. After all, it’s your aviary – you should be able to design it the way that you like!

Is the Aviary Made from High-Quality Materials?

In Australia, we experience a wide range of extreme weather, including hail, strong winds, fires and floods. When this weather strikes, your bird aviary must be forged from secure enough materials to withstand the elements.

In addition, birds are clever creatures and can potentially damage or break out of cages made from less durable materials. To combat this, Steel Chief aviaries are crafted from high-quality materials, such as welded mesh and heavy gauge wire, depending on your preference.

Is it Simple to Install?

Ease of installation is another critical consideration when purchasing a bird aviary. Many people prefer to assemble their aviaries without professional help, and SteelChief enables our customers to do so. Our products include pre-made walls and roofs, so you’ll only need to screw together the panels. We also offer how-to videos if you need a bit of help.

If you would rather have a professional installation, we can work with you to arrange that as well. SteelChief have their own installation teams. No matter which installation method you choose, we guarantee that you will have a seamless set-up experience.

As you research bird aviaries, keep these concepts in mind. With preparation and an adequate understanding of what to expect from the best-in-class vendors, you will have all of the necessary information to choose the aviary that is right for your requirements, as well as your birds’ needs.

SteelChief has an extensive selection of bird aviaries to suit your design and functional needs. Our aviaries are customisable, durable and easy to install. If you’re shopping around for a new aviary near Sydney or Melbourne, call us on 1300 887 852 or get in touch with one of our distributors across Australia.