Your Storage Solution

Do you have a garage full of stuff? Hard to step out your car door? Clutter is a common cause of stress and at times frustration. Most people still choose to keep more possessions than they really need. With nearly two-thirds of people saying they hold onto things for sentimental reasons however, this widely accepted way of life is unlikely to change any time soon. So, what’s the solution?

Below are some of the most popular home-based storage solutions to keep your belongings organised and bring you extra peace of mind.

Roller Door Storage Shed

As the name suggests, this type of garden shed has a door that rolls up and down. This is particularly useful when you have limited space for your storage solution. Backyards in a number of major towns and cities – including Sydney and Melbourne are largely becoming smaller so it helps to have sheds that are compact. The rolling mechanism further serves to aid the space issue by eliminating the room needed to open swinging doors.

Skillion Roof Sheds

This type of shed can be attached to the outside of your house. The roof is a single slope that could even be attached to your existing wall. Skillion roof sheds are another popular choice when the availability of space is minimal. These sheds tend to offer more headroom and extra space in the eaves. They also generally cost less on account of using fewer materials and as an added bonus, the pitch of the roof is perfect for shrugging off rain and snow directing it away from your foundations.

Custom Designed Sheds

If a standard sized shed is not suitable for your garden, getting a custom-designed one can be a great option. This means you can utilise very tight spaces or have skylights built in to create natural light in darker locations. Customised shelving can help maximise the amount of storage surface room available. It also means doors can be placed in specific positions. For example, at one end of a long narrow garden shed, which would be ideal if a standard shed were unsuitable due to door placement alone. Sliding doors are also a good option where you have a narrow walkway.

Above Car Lockers

An above car storage solution turns the dead space above the bonnet of your car into handy storage. These lockers sit on four tall legs and span the space above the front of your car when it’s parked in the garage. The legs are often adjustable to account for the fact that garages tend to have rough uneven floors. Even more useful, above car lockers are usually wide enough to hold sporting equipment such as skis or surfboards.

Custom Lockers

Custom lockers can be designed for almost any type of space where you need storage. Whether they’re along the outside wall of your house, down the side of your garage or in your backyard, you can have custom lockers built to your specifications. They’re ideal when you need storage for a space with very precise measurements and standard garden sheds are no longer making the cut. Shelving can also be customised to accommodate big and small items. Finger racks can be attached to hold surf boards!!

Whether your shed and locker requirements are simple or more complex, we can help provide the perfect storage solution for you.